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Turning the Tide is a social action training programme. We offer a range of workshops and resources, and all our work is focused on supporting nonviolent social change at the grassroots. We are a programme run by Quakers in Britain, and we’ve been supporting people to take nonviolent action for social change since 1994.

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Our training team

Our staff team is based in London, and our pool of volunteer trainers are based throughout Britain.

A Turning the Tide trainers' gathering - a row of six people of varying ages smiling and holding up paper
A Turning the Tide trainers’ gathering

We come from a range of backgrounds of social justice, peace, faith-based and environmental activism.

Join us?

As a Turning the Tide volunteer trainer, you will be supported to develop your skills as a trainer-facilitator through structured mutual support, trainer gatherings and opportunities to work with groups doing amazing work for social change.

To discuss becoming part of the Turning the Tide training and learning community, get in touch with us: turningtide@quaker.org.uk

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Our values

Nonviolence for social change

We draw on the rich history of effective nonviolence movements in Britain and across the world, including those led by Mohandas K Gandhi and Martin Luther King.


Turning the Tide is a programme of Quakers in Britain (offsite link). Quakerism is an active, open, and non-judgmental faith, and it guides everything we do.

Radical learning

We take a radical approach to learning. We’re not experts or ‘teachers’; we see our role as supporting groups to find their own creative solutions.


We work with people at the grassroots acting for change, and because they are usually doing this in their own time as volunteers, we offer our workshops on a donation basis.

Long term relationship

We know that groups working for social change are doing this work for the long term, and so are we – we’ve supported some groups for years.

Be the change

Nonviolent social change is not just about changing what “they” do. We can help groups connect personal inner transformation with group development and outer social change.

Other questions? Get in touch or email us: turningtide@quaker.org.uk