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Turning the Tide is a Quaker nonviolence programme.

We work alongside people to explore hopes, ideas and collective power to undertake imaginative, nonviolent action for positive social change.

We deliver training, facilitate workshops, conversations and more. And we’re in the process of trying out different ways of working.

Our staff team

Our staff team is based in London and Yorkshire.

Turning the Tide’s work is supported by a voluntary network of resource people/trainers.

A Turning the Tide trainers' gathering - a row of six people of varying ages smiling and holding up paper
A Turning the Tide trainers’ gathering


Our roots lie in Quaker peace values (known as the Quaker Peace Testimony).

We believe:

  • Peace starts with ourselves.
  • Building peace means understanding and challenging the root causes of injustice, conflict and structural violence.
  • Imaginative, active nonviolence is both an ethical and effective path to peace and justice.

Active Nonviolence

Words and concepts means different things to different people in different contexts. Some crucial elements for us to keep thinking about and working at include:

  • Resisting and transforming violence without using violence, which includes both being and creating the change we want to see.
  • Means are ends in the making.
  • Recognising the humanity in those whose actions we want to change.

Who we work with?

Turning the Tide works alongside colleagues at Quaker Peace and Social Witness to help inspire and equip Quakers to put their faith into action.

And we collaborate with organisations, groups and networks interested in nonviolence, particularly those working at the grassroots.


Turning the Tide is a programme of Quakers in Britain (offsite link). Quakerism is an active, open, and non-judgmental faith, and it guides everything we do.

Other questions? Get in touch or email us: turningtide@quaker.org.uk