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Gift of courage

4 ways to hold courageous conversations

As the holidays approach and families prepare to spend time together, Turning the Tide staff member Lisa Cumming offers four tips on how to disagree well.

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Nonviolence and Religion

This final part of Steve Whiting’s series on Nonviolence and Social Change looks at relationship between nonviolence and religion, following on from Part 1: What is Nonviolence? and Part 2: Common Dilemmas of nonviolence.

Job opportunity with Turning the Tide!

Our long-serving staff member, Steve Whiting, is leaving, so we have a rare and exciting job opportunity. We’re looking for a motivated leader, communicator, organiser and team-worker to empower people for nonviolent social change.

Crossroads, by Kevin Spencer

Calling people in: Navigating our way through Brexit-Trumpland

With 2016 now behind us but the result of Britain’s EU referendum and the election of Donald Trump bound to have wide-ranging implications for some time, Turning The Tide trainer Milan Rai shares his personal reflections on what it might mean for those of us working for nonviolent social change.

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My Activist Journey: Renegotiating Activism

Because activism is really a journey and we’re all in different places with it, we invited Turning The Tide trainer and artist Clare Bonetree to share her personal experience of ‘being an activist’.