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This page provides support and guidance for both the volunteers and staff of Turning the Tide.

Turning the Tide is a programme of Quakers in Britain, and as such, we are guided by the policies of Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM). Here we outline all the relevant policies and guidance that you’ll need to undertake your volunteering role with Turning the Tide.

If you have any questions or would like us to email copies of the documents below, please contact the TTT staff team at: turningtide@quaker.org.uk

Volunteering Information & Agreement

In order to undertake your volunteering work with Turning the Tide, volunteers are asked to complete the following online forms:

Volunteering Policy & Expenses

The Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) Volunteer Involvement Policy sets out procedures and guidance to support our volunteers, including responsibilities of Turning the Tide staff to our volunteers, and the responsibilities of the volunteers.

The Expenses Policy sets out guidance for volunteers to claim eligible expenses as part of their work with Turning the Tide.

Data Protection & Privacy

We adhere to the Quakers in Britain Privacy Policy and Data Protection guidance.

You can ask Britain Yearly Meeting to stop storing your personal data and stop using your images at any time (in which case the images will not be used in future publications but may continue to appear in publications already in circulation) contact BYM Data Protection Group to discuss at dataprotection@quaker.org.uk)


The Equal Opportunities Check-list was created by the Children & Young People’s Team of Quakers in Britain, and provides a useful starting point for incorporating equal opportunities into our work. This check list includes a summary of BYM’s Statement of Equal Opportunities, the policy which also governs the work of Turning the Tide.

Speaking Out & Action

At times, Turning the Tide work involves speaking out on different issues, and we often work with groups who take action for nonviolent social change. The BYM Speaking Out Policy provides guidance for staff and volunteers engaging in this work.


Safeguarding is protecting children, young people and adults from harm.

‘Meeting Safety’ is a short document issued by Quaker Life, and may be of use to Turning the Tide volunteers. It gives an overview of safeguarding within Quaker meetings and includes an introduction to other organisations we work with in this area. England and Wales, Scotland, Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man each have their own schemes and legislation.

Event and Activity Management

The Event and Activity Management Policy written by the Children & Young People’s Team covers a range of procedures and guidance for Quakers in Britain (and Turning the Tide) events, which ensure that legal obligations and insurance requirements are met. It enables those running events to follow good practice and to take reasonable care to work in safe ways while considering the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of participants.